New Zealand Pens, Pencils and Note Books


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Curly-Sheep-Pencil-CaseBags-Wallets-Curly-Sheep-Pencil-Case.   A lovely plush sheep pen..

NZ $16.95

Pencil Case Fern Black

Bags and wallets-Pencil Case Fern Black.  A full zip black pencil case with a white fern and..

NZ $7.50

10 Pack Pencil Set Assorted

10 Pack Pencil Set Assorted.  A packet of ten pencils wrapped in either a sheep or a kiwi ..

NZ $5.05

3Pack Haka Pens Black

3Pack Haka Pens Black. A pack of three pens. ..

NZ $3.85

3Pack Kiwi Pens

3Pack Kiwi Pens. Three colourful pens with a kiwi design on. These pens come in two colours. I..

NZ $3.35

3Pack Sheep Pens

3Pack Sheep Pens. Three pack of pens with colourful Sheep designs on. These come in two colour..

NZ $3.35

4 Erasers pencils Animals

4 Erasers pencils Animals.  This packet contains:4 x pencils4 x erasers, Sheep, Kiwi Bird,..

NZ $6.75

4 Pencils Black White Fern 4 Erasers Assorted

4 Pencils Black White Fern 4 Erasers Assorted. A nice pack of four pencils and erasers. Th..

NZ $6.75

4 Pencils Sheep Kiwi Design 4 erasers

4 Pencils Sheep Kiwi Design 4 erasers.  A pack containing multi coloured designed Kiwi Birds an..

NZ $6.75

4 Pencils Squares Design 4 Erasers

4 Pencils Squares Design 4 Erasers.  A pack of 4 pencils with a square design with New Zealand ..

NZ $6.75

5PK Pencils Kiwi Eraser

5PK Pencils Kiwi Eraser.  This packet contains:5 x Pencils with a Rainbow Print Design on ..

NZ $3.35

6 Pack Haka Pens Assorted

6 Pack Haka Pens Assorted.  Six pens with the Haka design on. ..

NZ $8.45