Recovery Eye Serum 15ml

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Recovery Eye Serum 15ml. Natural World Product, made in New Zealand from 90% Manuka Pollen Honey.This eye serum comes in a handy dropper pottle.Recovery Eye Serum with 90+% Pure New Zealand Manuka HoneyIt contains a combination of Cucumber, Manuka, Kiwi Seed Oil and Green Tea Leaf Extract with Manuka Honey.The silky texture leaves the skin smooth, supple and nourished.Discover a brighter, more rested appearance with our Recovery Eye Serum with 90+% pure New Zealand Manuka Pollen Honey. Delivering beneficial concentrations of Vitamins C and E, antioxidants and minerals deep into the skin, it contains a potent combination of Cucumber Manuka, Kiwi seed oil and Green Tea Extract with Manuka Honey. This silky textured serum quickly penetrates the skin, soothing, healing and leaving it smooth, supple and nourished. Fine lines and pigmentation are softened and texture is visibly improved, restoring a radiant and more youthful appearance.