Night Creme 35ml


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Night Creme 35ml A new product in our line of cosmetics. This night creme is an Intensive Revival cremeNight Intensive Revival Creme made from 90% pure New Zealand Manuka Pollen. It boasts 98% Natural ingredients.90+% Manuka Pollen Honey and Sweet Almond with Green Tea Leaf ExtractThis rich formula was developed to work through the night
with the skin’s biological cycle of self repair. Night intensive helps to
hydrate and reawaken your skin’s natural luminous beauty. 90+% Manuka Pollen
Honey and Sweet Almond promote natural skin regenerating properties whilst
working to enhance your skin’s tone and elasticity. Green Tea Leaf Extract
provides antioxidants to help protect against harmful pollutants. This product comes on a small clear bottle about 6cm tall with a gold coloured lid.