purse is a small bag that is used for carrying coins. People often may refer to a coin purse as a small pouch or a wallet etc.

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Paua Look - Combo Coin Purse Out Of Stock

Paua Look - Combo Coin Purse

Paua Look - Combo Coin Purse A lovely Paua look purse to compliment our other paua look accesorie..

NZ $16.60

Paua Look Clasp Purse Out Of Stock

Paua Look Clasp Purse

Paua Look Clasp Purse. A beautiful Paua look clasp purse with a gold coloured metal kiwi picture ..

NZ $11.00

Paua Look Coin Purse

Paua Look Coin Purse. A lovely Paua look purse.A square Paua coloured Coin Purse that measures ap..

NZ $12.70

Paua Look Ladies Clutch Purse

Paua Look Ladies Clutch Purse With the wonderful iridescent blues and greens of the Paua. &nbs..

NZ $29.70

Paua Look Small Tri-Fold

Paua Look Small Tri-Fold.  A lovely Paua look wallet.  Measures roughly 12 cm wide by 1..

NZ $21.70

Paua Look Wallet

Paua Look Wallet. A lovely Paua look wallet, with a fold over top and zippers.A Square Paua Walle..

NZ $21.20

Coin Bag Black White Fern

Coin Bag Black White Fern.  A little coin purse for you loose change.This one is in the typical..

NZ $7.35

Coin Bag Flag Design Kiwis

Coin Bag Flag Design Kiwis.  A coin purse with a small strap, just enough for your loose change..

NZ $7.35

Coin Bag Flag DownUnder

Coin Bag Flag DownUnder  A neat wee coin bag with the New Zealand Flag design on. Availabl..

NZ $7.35

Coin Bag Natural Kiwi

Coin Bag Natural Kiwi   A cool little coin purse in a New Zealand kiwi bird design..

NZ $6.75

Outback Kiwi Angular Bag

Outback Kiwi Angular Bag.  This Outback range are not leather and are made of a soft lined..

NZ $10.15

Outback Kiwi Boxed Wallet

Outback Kiwi Boxed Wallet  A lovely brown wallet in a gift box..

NZ $25.45

Outback Kiwi Coin Bag Rectangular

Outback Kiwi Coin Bag Rectangular.  A brown coin purse with a kiwi bird logo and a keyring atta..

NZ $10.15

Outback Kiwi Coin Bag Round

Outback Kiwi Coin Bag Round.   A small coin purse just perfect for your small change or fo..

NZ $10.15

Outback Kiwi Horse Shoe Large

Outback Kiwi Horse Shoe Large   A larger version of the small horse shoe coin purse.This O..

NZ $12.70